March 23, 2018

Secrets In the Sand

Hi Everyone

Today I have been crafting away again in my Art Journal.... well my Jane Davenport Art journal actually.  (Its so yummy the papers are divine)

I have used a variety of items to create my page, but most of them are from Jane Davenport Mixed Media collections 1 and 2!!

Here is the Art list:

Jane Davenport Art Journal Large
Pro-Art Premium Gesso
Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals Polka Purple, Guten Tag Teal
Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburts Frosted Purple Iris, Delphinium Turquoise Pretty in Pink Pink
Jane Davenport Inkedible Ink Mermaid Tail, Blueberry, Fresh Air
Cosmic Shimmer, Purple Violet, Candy Pink.
Stamperia Modeling Paste, White.
Stamperia Stencils - Butterflies, Post Cards
Jane Davenport Collage Papers
Jane Davenport Paint in light and dark blue
Jane Davenport Matte Medi-yum.
Daniel Smith Luminescent watercolour - Iridescent gold
Amsterdam Ink - Deep Gold
Jane Davenport Mermaid Marker Black Hole
Jane Davenport Epic Pen (Carbon waterproof ink)
Jane Davenport Inkredible Pen - Black Ink
X-Press It workable fixative spray
Jane Davenport Mermaid Scales Stencil
Darkroom door circle stencil
Kuratake Gansai Tambi Watercolours - Big Set, Starry Colours and Gem Colours

Most of the items I have used I have bought from Bev's Cross Crafts or from Jane Davenport  the other bits I've bought from online art stores here in Australia.

I did have a little trouble with my epic pen on my page, I think it was the surface I was trying to write on, more so than my epic pen - because it works fine!!

Another thing I noticed is to be extra careful with my Stamperia stencils..... I have managed to rip a little bit of one when I was giving it a clean.  (It got tangled with another stencil) so that's a bit sad, but it will still work ok!

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March 17, 2018

Traveller's Journal

Hi There!!

Well it has taken me most of the day, but I have finally edited my YouTube video.... the hard way... well for me! I used my Photoshop video editing software.... thought it was about time I learn how to use it!!

So I am rather proud of myself for actually doing it... and pretty much all by myself too!! 

So I have a long list of the products that I used to create my Journal.... Most of which is available at Bev's Cross Crafts  - Yep my place of employment! (Lucky me!)

So here is the list....

Sue Wilson - Coconut White Card stock A4
Stamperia - Rice Papers - Napkin Blue Stars - Little Stars
Stamperia Rice Paper - Blue Stars - Magic Wand
Canson Watercolour Paper A4 200gsm

Stamperia Mixed Media Glue
Stamperia Glossy Gel
Ranger Texture Paste - Transparent Matt

Prima - Metallic Deep Waters
Prima Opal Magic - Blue-Gold
Prima - Memory Hardware - Marquise Blue
Prima Memory Hardware - Trianon Patina
Prima Memory Hardware - French Blue

Stamperia Stamps - Thin Crackle
Stamperia Stamps - Decoration with Writings

Tim Holtz Stencil - Stars (last Christmas release)
Tim Holtz Key Charm
Chain from a Clothing Tag

Cosmic Shimmer Diamond Frost
Cosmic Shimmer Icicle Sparkles
Doodlebug Blue Glitter (I've had this for years)

Silver Stretchy Cord.

I did however forget to film the last part where I have attached my cord.  Basically all I did was punch some holes in the fold.... one of each end about 1cm or so in from the edge and then another hole in the middle.  I've then just threaded my cord through the holes to create a way for me to add in more papers to my journal.... or take them out.... 

I had a lot of fun creating this journal... and video.... although that was the super tricky part.. I got there and I am proud of myself for learning something new!

Happy Crafting